First of all, thank you GOD for giving me the strength and belief with your guidance and love.

Thanks to my parents, Bob & Arlene Kanaan, my sister Dawn Kanaan, and my boyfriend Mike Nacinovich for you endless love & support. I Love You!

To Steve Lewis, thanks for EVERYTHING!!

Thanks to Mike Cripps, Josh Shar, Brady Hendrickson, Aaron Wilkinson, Mike Duscak, Jimmy Mizell, Paul Beatty, Mike Werkeiser, Alice McElhone, and Ed Park for your hard work, support, and encouragement. Thanks to Kaye, Sal, Carol, Michele, Bruce, Natalie, Kati, Tommy, Kim, Shawn, Amy, and the rest of my friends and family. Your continued support is greatly appreciated.

To everyone who sings along with our songs, thank you, it means so much!!!

The events of September 11th have left us all with the feeling of deep sympathy and emotional grief… I don't know how to say goodbye was written three years ago about the extreme sadness over the loss of a loved one. To everyone who lost a loved one, we hope you find some comfort in this song, knowing you are not alone in your sadness.
God bless America !

With much love, Debbie